Russia - The Land Of The Tsars

The People Of Russia

Tsar Nicholas I in 1843 -> "There is no other country where is found such diversity of races, of manners, of religion, and of mind, as in Russia"

  • Smaller national groups; each with own language, culture, religion, traditions ect...
  • Russia has the largest single Jewish community in the world
  • Over 100 different languages were spoken in Russia

This created a problem for the Tsars because ;

  • Some ethnic groups wanted their own governments
  • In 1830, the Poles revolted against Russian rule

How was Russia Ruled?

"The emperor of all the Russians is an autocratic and unlimited monarch: God himself ordains that all must bow to his supreme power, not only out of fear but also out of conscience."

  • The motto of Nicholas I's regime was "Autocracy, Orthodoxy, Nationality"
  • The imperial council of state would meet reguarly


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