Relations with NA's

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  • Socio-economic development and relations with settlers and NA's.
    • NA's
      • Positives
        • Access to guns/rum not available, trade
        • Allies in battles supported by French
      • Negatives
        • land taken, wars
        • Became dependent on goods, loss of ally in Treaty of Paris
    • Expanding trade
      • Higher population & new land. 1/3 British imports traded 1760's
      • Inter-colonial trade, Britain & Empire (credit was available)
      • 1650-1770, colonial economy  grew 3.2% a year
      • New England cod trade with W. Indies for sugar & molasses (rum)
    • Agriculture & Fishing
      • Variations in regions, New England, lack rich soils, but sea profitable.
      • Middle - wheat/flour, trade, W. Indies &  Europe
      • South - tobacco. £100m by 1770. Rice, indigo, grain trade with Europe too
    • Mercantilism
      • All cargoes to be carried in English/Colonial ships, English crews
        • Enumerated commodities, sugar/cotton.  Exported via England.
    • Effects of mercantilism
      • Few complaints, not well enforced. Heavy duties for Navigation Acts rarely collected
      • Ill paid deputies, easily bribed. Halifax tried to up imperial control - smuggling.
      • Woolen Act ineffective, wool never exceeded local demand. Iron Act not restrictive, free of duty in Britain. America > Britain 1770's
    • Development of American culture & impact
      • No dominant religion. Churches  in 9 colonies. Most anti-Catholic
      • Organisations set up, Ben Franklin international notice for work
    • Society
      • Wealthy elite whose returns sometimes rivalled English landowners
      • Professionals lawyer/doctorpositions of public responsibility
        • Landowners, 80% of free men farmers
          • Servants, then slaves at bottom. Bought and sold, mainly plantations
      • Family hierarchical, women had no legal right to property
        • More farm owning, more middle class


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