France under Napoleon Bonaparte

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    • Rise to power 1793-1799
      • Italy
        • french victories in northern itty forced austria to make peace in 1797
          • terms made by napoleon
      • Egypt
        • 1798 captured
      • nov 1799
        • napoleon ended directory
          • replaced it with the consulate
    • domestic policy
      • centralisation of the government 1800
        • all officials  appointed by napoleon
      • the concordat 1802
        • reconciliation between napoleon and the pope to win support of the peasants
          • catholicism main religion of france
      • the code napoleon 1804
        • a standardisationthe laws throughout france
          • essentially a middle class code
            • property rights, religious tolerance, trail by jury
      • creating a meritocracy
        • napoleon expanded education
        • bank of france is made to stabilise currency
    • foreign policy
      • defeat of the 2nd coalition 1800-1802
        • defeat of austrians at marengo left france as supreme with only britain left
          • temporarily resolved peace of amiens in 1802
            • peace for 2 years
      • war with britain
        • peace broke down in 1804
          • napoleon gathered GRANDE ARMEEat Boulogne
            • combo of his felt defeat @ trafalgar & austrians reentering war ended hopes of the invasion
      • war of the 3rd coalition
        • austrain defeat at austerlitz in 1805 increased french power in germany
          • napoleon created confederation of the rhine
        • russians defeated in 1807
          • treaty of tilsit recognised french control over europe
      • the continental system
        • attemptto force britain to make peace by blocking trade with europe
      • the peninsular war
        • needing to enforce the system napoleon invadedportugal leading to rising against the french in spain
      • the russian campaign
        • need to enforce continental system led to war against russia in 1812
          • massive loss of troops made france easy target
      • war for liberation
        • napoleon defeated at Leipzig by coalition of prussia,russia, austria ans sweden
          • 1814 abdicated exiled to elba
      • hundred days
        • bourbon restoration in france unpopular
          • army helped napoleon back on throne
            • lasted till defeat at waterloo 1825
              • imprisoned on st helena died 1821


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