Religion in Britain 1603

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Different Religions in Britain 1603


  • Believed that the Church and services should be plain and simple. They didn't like extravagent churches with stained glass windows and didn't believe in wearing robes.
  • They were very anti-Catholic and believed the Church of England wasn't reformed enough.


  • Believed in extravagent churches and service (opposite of Puritans). 
  • The Pope is head of the church.
  • The priest was believed to have special powers and every Catholic was expected to communicate to God through him.


  • Bishops were in charge of the Church.
  • The King was in charge of the bishops, so, in charge of the Church of England - they just ran it for him).
  • Protestants saw Catholics as the anti-Christ.


  • A system of church government without Bishops.
  • It gave a lot of power to individual congregations.
  • This took power away from the King (he didn't support this system, even though he was brough up with


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