Mercantilism, Anglo-French Rivalry etc

Relations between mother country and colonies 1740-63

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Mercantile System:
­ did NOT have a negative effect on relations between America and
Britain in the years leading up to 1763.
­ small minority felt frustrated at limitations and restrictions
­ one of the policies said that all cargoes being imported/exported to/from
the colonies must be shipped on British or colony owned vessels
­ New England colonies had the skills/materials (e.g) wood to build own ships able to earn money
giving economic boost by 1760's 1/3 of all British merchant ships were built in these colonies.
­ Britain becoming powerful and wealthy & industrialised manufacturing
large quantities of products and selling them around the world
­ heavily taxed to countries outside Empire who wanted to take advantage of B's rich market heavy
tax also placed on anything 'outsiders' wanted to sell in Britain (lowering O's profit) America
enjoyed buying/selling tax free due to mercantile system (able to retain full profit)
­ Britain attempted to stop foreign goods being imported into colonies to avoid money leaking out of
Empire by again enforcing heavy taxes however did not put much effort into collecting tax those
employed to do so were often not in America and employed someone in America to do it for them
for a low wage great breeding ground for smuggling tax collectors willing to accept bribes for
more money smugglers imported at night into quiet harbours B Gov aware of smuggling, chose to
ignore it for fear of upsetting Americans.
­ Directly helped America's economy with subsidies
­ e.g Indigo British Gov paid growers in America generous subsidy to produce quantities of the
plant that could then be manufactured into the popular dye.
AngloFrench Rivalry:
Showed no signs of weakening the relations between America and
Both powerful countries with developed empires and wealth in race to
'global power'
­ fought 4 wars in the first 60 years of 18th century none having effect on America
­ 7 years war high intensity more effort and resources into helping America with French that
occupied land west of them
­ Majority welcomed 7YW as it came with ample benefits for Americans
­ more and more poor British people were coming over to America in the search for land of their
own the French occupation of land west of colonies prevented expansion Americans welcomed
Britain's help in getting rid of them.
­ B Gov sent over large army AND requested colonies to raise more militia which were to be paid
for by BG.
­ BG paid for accommodation, food and clothing for British soldiers stationed in America providing
economic boom for America
­ American's SCARED of French and so wanted as much British help as
­ 1. opposing religions: French = devout Catholics & Americans = protestants protestants saw
Catholicism as work of the devil and worried that if French grew strong enough to invade and
conquer American colonies they would be forced to convert.
­ 2. French absolute monarchy scared colonists who were used to their political freedom within
their democratic system did not want a return of what had lead them to leave Britain in the first

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American's the French were on good terms with the Natives having been more respectful
and considerate about where and to what extent they colonised set up trading posts which
provided the Natives with weapons such as guns and knives American's had angered Natives by
bringing over people in their thousands and invading their land as a result the Natives were more
than willing to aid the French in their fight against the British scared the American's as the Natives
were merciless and were not familiar…read more


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