MSM Evaluation

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  • Evaluation of MSM
    • Supporting research
      • Baddeley (1966)- found that STM and LTM are separate
      • A lot of supporting research is artificial
    • MSM is too simplistic
      • multiple types of STM- Shallice & Warrington (1970), can recall visually but not verbally
      • multiple types of LTM
        • Tulving (1985)- 3 LTM stores episodic, semantic, procedural
        • Case Study: HM- remembers dogs, how to act (semantic, procedural) but not meeting the dog (episodic)
      • multiple types of rehearsal- Craik & Watkins (1973), there are 2 types of rehearsal
        • Maintenance (keeps info in the STM)
        • Elaborative (link info to existing knowledge moves to LTM)


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