The Multi-Store Model of Memory



Sensory register

  • Iconic and echoic stores with very brief duration
  • High capacity
  • Transfer by attention


  • Limited capacity and duration store
  • Mainly acoustic coding
  • Transfer to LTM by rehearsal


  • Unlimited capacity and duration
  • Permanent store
  • Mainly semantic
  • Created through maintenance rehearsal
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Supporting research evidence

  • Studies into coding, capacity and duration demonstrate differences between STM and LTM.

There is more than one type of STM

  • Studies of amnesia (e.g. KF) show different STM for visual and auditory material.

There is more than one type of rehearsal

  • Elaborative rehearsal necessary for transfer to LTM, not maintenance rehearsal.

Evaluation extra

  • Artificial materials
  • There is more than one type of LTM
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