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MSM evaluation

There is lots of research studies that support MSM, they show that the STM and the LTM  are different.

- Baddeley found we mix up words that sound similar when using our STM but mix up words that have similar meanings when we use LTM. Strength of this shows that coding in STM is acoustic and in LTM it is semantic. This supports the MSM view that these two memory stores are seperate and indenpendant. Further support is given in the research studies of coding, duration and capacity. 

 More than one type of STM

MSM states the STM is a unitary store. However, Shallice and Warrington (1970) studied a patient with amnesia called KF.

Found his STM for digits was very poor when they read it out to him. But recall was better when he read them himself. 

possibility that there is a STM store for auditory information and one for visual information.

More than one type of rehearsal

Craik and watkins (1973) found there is two types of rehearsal that is important to remember in LTM. Maintenence rehearsal doesnt tranfer information into LTM it stays in STM. Elaborative is when you think about what information means and how to link it to your existing knowledge. This is a limitation of the MSM. 

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