MEMORY - Evaluation (A03) of the Multi-Store Model (MSM)

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  • Evaluation (A03) of the Multi-Store Model (MSM)
    • MSM = 1st cognitive explanation of memory. It inspired research and basis for Working Memory Model -> led to greater understanding of memory
    • lots of research evidence for existence of separate memory stores (SR, STM, LTM)
    • supported by amnesia cases. Patients lose either their LTM or STM abilities not not both -> stores are separate
    • serial position effect -> MURDOCK - words at beginning and end of list are better recalled than words in middle of list.
      • words at beginning = primary effect -> rehearsed and transferred to LTM
      • words at end = recency effect -> easily recalled as still in STM
    • over-simplified -> assumes there are single STM & LTM stores. Research indicates several different LTM stores (procedural, episodic and semantic memories)
    • COHEN - capacity can't be measured in amount of info, but be nature of info recalled. Some things easier to recall -> MSM doesn't account for this
    • MSM describes memory as a structure -> not enough focus on processes


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