Multi- Store Model of Memory (MSM)

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Theory Evaluation Research Evidence
MSM Atkinson and Shiffrin (1968) proposed the Multi-Store Model + It does explain how we organise and GLANZER AND CUNITZ- they gave
of Memory (MSM). This was one of the first models of this process information participants a list of words which
type and was therefore very influential. It's a structural model they later had to recall without
which consists of 3 types. Each piece of information moves + The theory is supported by empirical assistance. It was found that words
through the system by attention and rehearsal. However, evidence situated at the beginning of the list
information can also be lost by forgetting if the information were held in the LTM whilst the
+ The model also explains how we forget
isn't rehearsed enough. words at the end of the list were
+ Its one of the first models and was held in the STM. This supports the
SENSORY MEMORY (SM)- This store gathers info from our
therefore one the most influential models MSM as it shows that different
senses e.g. nose, ears and eyes. It receives a wide variety of types of memory are held in
info and most of it has no attention. It is held here for a very -Nomothetic and Reductionist different parts of the brain.
brief period of time and is then sent off to the STM if its
attended to. It is held therein whatever format it's held in. If -Lacks ecological validity KF- KF suffered brain damage due
it's not attended to then its lost and forgotten about. to a motorcycle accident. This had
-Clive Wearing= still had some parts of his
no effect on the LTM but majorly
SHORT TERM MEMORY (STM)- Once information is attended to LTM indicating that it isn't one unitary damaged the STM. This partially
then it's transferred to the STM. Around5- 9 chunks of model
supports the MSM as it shows that
information can be held here for around 30 seconds. the STM and LTM are to unitary
-Craik and Lockhart say the type is more
Information is converted in whatever format it was in into stores. However, for info to go
important than the amount
phonetic format. Information is fragile and easily forgotten. into the LTM then it must have
Rehearsal is the way in which this information is transferred -Any evidence could be linked to this as gone through the STM if the MSM
from the STM to the LTM. it's so flexible and simple is correct. This goes refutes the
MSM as its shows that there is
LONG TERM MEMORY (LTM)- It is believed that this store has -Later research has indicated that info can
more than the suggested route for
unlimited capacity for an unlimited duration. Information is held
travel both directions according to
info to get to the LTM.

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