Maya Mindmap

Maya Mindmap

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  • Maya
    • What is Maya?
      • Maya is a 3D computer graphic software used to create 3D graphic images, animations and can be used in making games. It runs on Windows, Macintosh and Linux.
    • Tools in Maya
      • Key frames
        • Key frames are the start and end point of a drawing or line. 
      • Layers
        • A layer is a specific part of an image or 3D graphic.  An image or 3D graphic can have lots of layers or it can all be done on one layer.
      • Liquid Effects
        • This is an effect which makes liquids look realistic in Maya, it uses 3D and 2D rendering to make liquids look and move in a realistic fashion improving the overall quality of your work.
      • Camera Sequences
        • This is a tool in Maya which allows the user to create different shots of an animation or graphic image from different angles and then you can use the footage to create animations showing different perspectives and views of your animation.
      • nCLoth
        • This is an effect and technique in Maya which is used to create a 3D or 2D effect of cloth or fabric. This effect could be used to create clothing or all sorts of other fabric objects.
      • Libaries
        • Maya uses libaries when storing information about animation and images. It will store all the animation images so that they can be easily accessed


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