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  • Upgrade a PC System
    • Broken/Worn Out
      • Old computers lag in performance which slow down when loading programs
    • Improve Performance
      • Speed and the performnance ability to run applicatrions much quicker.
    • Compatibiity
      • They need to make sure that the software is compatible with the system to prevent it from lagging
    • Increase Workload
      • To get a lot more out of the computer and to put it under pressure to test the performance.
    • Keep up with computers
      • Chekc that the system is up to date regulary and secure for the user
    • New features
      • Faster tools
        • Too do things quicker
    • Security
      • To prevent hackers and this would also protect the operating system
    • Patches
      • To fix the system incase it has bugs or issues with it.
    • Cost and Benefit
      • Questions
        • will it be beneficial?
        • Will it affect the cost
      • VLE
        • Accessing at any point in time


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