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  • Blender
    • Preloaders
      • Preloading the content so you don't have to wait a long time for the application and content to load.
    • Scripts
      • Blender has very powerful yet often overlooked feature. It exhibits an internal fully fledged python interpreter. This allows any user to add functionalities by writing a python script.
    • Buttons
      • Toggle buttons: Comes in different size/colour. The green, violet and grey colours go not funcionality, they just help the eye to group the buttons and recognize the content of the interface.
      • Radio button: Group of mutually exclusive toggle buttons. No more than one radio button in a given group can be 'on' at one time.
    • Tweening
      • Generating intermediate frames betweeen two seperate images to give the appearence that the first evolves smoothly into the second image. Tweening is a key process in all types in type of animation of animation including computer animation.
    • Layers
      • It only displays in your 3D view. You can use layers to edit the different animation within, this means that you don't have start again you can just delete the layer you don't want.
    • Frames
      • Blender uses novel screen-slitting approach to arrange window frames. The application is always a rectangles on desktop. Blender divides it up into a number of re-sizing.
    • Libraries
      • Blender is able 'reach in' to others. Blend files and pull whatever you want. This saves you from manually re-creating all the different settings.
    • Symbols
      • You can add special text and symbols within the animation; Blender has some of its own symbol packages which allows different symbols to be downloaded.
    • Controls
      • Zoom: The zoom tool is essential tool for working for your image and work together in many ways. They don't perform a direct function like the paint tools for example/
      • Crop: In blender the crop tool allows you crop an image or photo, this helps to remove part of the image. This may involves cutting some of image. It may also mean just cutting out a small rectangular of the image.


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