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  • Maya
    • Frames
      • The maya frames can be found at the bottom of the UI and it provides you with a small timeline for you to add frames and keyframes to for animation.
    • Controls
      • For viewing animations Maya has all of the different controls that you would expect to see when viewing an animation. There is a play/ pause button that allows for viewing the animation pre render to get the basic idea of how the animation will look. There is also the fast-forward and rewind buttons for quickly navigating the animation for a part that you want and also there is the skip button for even faster navigation to the end of the animation and to the start.
    • Tweening
      • There is no tweening features in Maya by default other than the basic movement tween when you add two key frames and change the position of the object between them. However there is a downloadable plugin called Tween Machine which gives you a ton of additional features for producing animations.
    • Libraries
      • Maya has its own file format that is only openable in Maya however you can save the projects in different file formats like .obj that can be transfered to other programs such as Blender.
    • Preloaders
      • The Maya preload editor is a menu that you can find in the Maya settings which allows for you to pick and choose the different meshes that load when the program starts.
    • Script
      • Maya has its own scripting language known as Maya Embedded language (MEL) which allows for basic coding features like AI behaviour and particle effects but for more advanced features Maya does include Python as an additional coding option.
    • Symbols
      • Maya doesn't include any sysmbols as it is commonly used for exporting models so it doesn't use any tools that can't be used in other programs.
    • Layers
      • In Maya there are display layers, Render layers and animation layers. You can add, delete and rename display layers as well as distribute objects across different layers. You can also add animation layers which allow you to distribute different object animations on different layers.


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