Maya Software Packages

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  • Maya
    • Frames
      • Keyframes
      • Frames
    • Layers
      • Auto desk Maya allow you to Organize objects on the display layers
      • Maya allows you to sort in two different ways: Alphabetically and Chronologically
    • Controls
      • Fluid Effects
        • It is a technology for realistic simulation and rendering fluid motion
      • Fur
      • nHair
        • It is designed for simulating dynamic forces acting on long hair and per-hair collisions
      • Maya Live
        • Motion tracking tool for CG matching, to clean plate footage
      • nCloth
        • Allows the artist with detailed control of cloth and material simulations
      • nParticle
        • Maya Nucleus tool set, used for simulating a wide range of complex 3D effects
      • MatchMover
        • It enables compositing of CGI elements
      • Camera Sequencer
        • Gives you tools to layout and manage camera shots.
      • Classic Cloth
        • A tool set utilizing a planar pattern
    • Buttons
      • New
      • Open
      • Save
      • Single Perspective View
      • Four View
        • (Top, Perspective, Front, Side)
      • Perspective/Outliner
      • Perspective/Graph
      • Node Editor/Hyper shade/Perspective
      • Perspective/Graph/Hypergraph
    • Libraries
      • Materials
      • Textures
      • Utilities
      • Rendering
      • Lights
      • Cameras
    • Scripts
      • Maya Embedded Language (MEL)
      • Used for simplifying tasks.
      • Most tasks can be achieved through the GUI as well as MEL
      • MEL speeds up complicating tasks or repetitive tasks.


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