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  • Maya
    • Scripts
      • MEL is used for scripts (Maya Embedded Language).
        • Has a variety of commands
      • The scripting seems to be extremely complicated.
        • There are methods around this as you can let the software do most of the work.
    • Layers
      • The layers used are all displayed clearly.
        • Being a 3D animation it would be extremely difficult to alter layers but Maya makes itr easy.
          • Changing names, types and frames of layers is easy.
    • Preloaders
      • The preloader from what i have seen looks like a bar across the web page that signifies the loading.
      • The preloader is difficult to find due to certain versions will either come or not come with preloaders
        • If the software doesn't come with a preloader than you can use the default SWF
      • Mundow Maya.swf is the default preloader
    • Symbols
      • The symbols displayed in Maya are easy on the eyes and are readable.
    • Tweening
      • The process of movement between two images is smooth
        • The display for tweening in maya looks outdated but still has advanced controls
    • Frames
      • Frames is displayed like Flash.
        • The timeline is simple and displays each individual measurement of time (milliseconds)
    • Libraries
      • The library in Maya is fairly simple
        • It shows all the items you have open in the software and shows them as clear, reasionaly sized thumbnails.
        • A folder structure may be displayed for certain objects used in the 3D animation.
    • Buttons
      • Maya gives you the option to create your own buttons when you produce a 'Shelf' in Maya
        • A shelf is basically a toolbar. You chose the tools/buttons you want to be displayed
        • Maya uses MEL to code your own buttons
    • Controls
      • There is a lot of controls both simple and complex
        • There are many controls but shortcuts are a big impact on the way a tool can be selected easier
        • The complex controls are for a more in depth design of your 3D creations.


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