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  • Maya
    • Frames
      • Key frames are used for the start and end points of a drawing or line.
    • Layers
      • Layers exist in Maya. Generally in 3D graphics there are many layers used for lighting purposes.
    • Controls
      • There are lots of shortcuts which make a big impact in time and efficiency. The controls allow for in-depth use.
    • Tweening
      • Although the display is outdated, Maya allows for tweening through advanced controls.
    • Buttons
      • Maya allows for custom buttons which can be displayed as part of the interface.
    • Libraries
      • Libraries are used for storing animations and images. These are stored automatically so they can be used later.
    • Symbols
      • Symbols for commands are easy to see and are understandable.
    • Preloaders
      • Preloaders are hard to find as only certain versions come with them. The software itself doesn't come with preloaders.
    • Scripts
      • Maya Embedded Language allows for scripts which can perform a variety of commands.


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