Alternative Functions for the CBD

Refers to AQA A2 Geography

World Cities Option

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  • Functions of the CBD other than retailing
    • Leisure Facilities
      • Cafe bars, restaurants, music venues, cinemas and theaters.
      • The St Peter's Square area of  Nottingham was made more attractive by shrub planting, agreeing to open air cafes, and cleaning the area in early morning.
    • Street Entertainment
      • Pleasant, relaxing, atmosphere encouraging people to stay longer
      • Encouraged at Covent Garden, London
    • Nightlife
      • Clubbing encouraged in Manchester and Leeds
      • Problems assosiated with - a high level of policing is needed to control revellers.
    • Theme Areas
      • Gay area in Manchester
      • Cultural quarters in Sheffield and Stoke
    • Flagship Attractions
      • The Bradford National Media Museum is an example of this
    • Constructing offices, apartments etc.
      • Constructing new offices, apartments, hotels and conference centres raised the staus of the CBD for buisness.
      • Encourages tourists to stay over and remain in the area
    • Residential Uses
      • Encourages residential activities to return to city centres
      • Providing flats to rent above shops
      • Redeveloping old buildings (gentrification)
      • Building new upmarket apartments (re-urbanisation)


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