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(3) Biodiversity Under Threat
3.1 Defining Biodiversity
Biodiversity (Biological Diversity) ­ the variability among living organisms of all sources: terrestrial, marine and aquatic
ecosystems and the ecological complexes of which they are part of, including:
1. Diversity within species
2. Diversity between species
3. Diversity of ecosystems
Type of diversity…

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key factor, as the larger the continuous area the more species that can flourish in it. Hence the recent `size matters'
mantra, and the creation of huge transnational conservation areas such as the Peace Parks of Africa.
Locally, there are numerous factors that may have an impact on biodiversity:

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threats of pollution, over-fishing and tourism development. The marine hotspots encompass future planning and
include some areas such as Chagos Island in the north Indian Ocean, which is currently a wilderness area with almost
pristine coral reefs. Here the threats are more global, with bleaching from global warming and the…

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GBO ­ 3 (Global Biodiversity Assesses the current status and trends of biodiversity to celebrate International Year
Outlook 3) of Biodiversity in 2010. The Year of Biodiversity was marked by a world conference
in Aichi, Japan
3.2.1 Summary of key points about threats
The assembled evidence from the surveys…

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As a result of exploitation, many ecosystems are under threat. The state of biodiversity is such that 2010 was declared
the year of World Biodiversity in order to attempt to reverse the trend. Sustainable yield is a concept that is
increasingly used as a key to successful ecosystem management, especially…

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Other NGOs' scientific Numerous NGOs support conservation and sustainable management schemes such as WWF in
research Udzungwa Forest, or Project Seahorse which carried out scientific research to manage marine
Local governments In the UK, they manage local reserves in cooperation with the Wildlife Trust and support
Biodiversity Action Plans…

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3. In-situ conservation to work alongside ex-situ conservation (e.g. seed banks, zoos, gene banks) in order to save
endangered species from extinction. Historically, some zoos experienced bad publicity with their conservation
role underrated Mechanics
There is potential conflict between top-down global strategies and other local, bottom-up initiatives and actions.…

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A number of key players are involved in the future of biodiversity at all scales from global to local. Some, such as
TNCs, are largely exploitative, whereas others are in the forefront of conservation
There are many controversies about how best to conserve biodiversity, as there are limited funds available,…




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