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URBANISATION: The process whereby rural areas (countryside) are becoming urban. It will involve an
increase in the absolute (and usually percentage of) population living in the urban area. The urban
area will also grow in size to cover a greater physical area and there will be a move away…

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Key themes

The process of suburbanisation is entering a new phase with offices and businesses now
leaving the city for the suburbs
Rapid urban growth creates social and environmental problems, including sprawl, pollution,
congestion, and problems of water supply and waste disposal


1. SUBURBANISATION ­ decentralisation of people,…

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Consequences of suburban growth

Decentralisation of towns and cities
Many estates were private houses, Surbiton, middle class and affluent, little crime,
environmentally sustainable
Still several council estates built to rehouse people from the inner cities, Becontree, working
class and unemployed, similar to what it was like in inner city London,…

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Urbanisation in LEDC's Dharavi, Mumbai


Formally known as Bombay, is India's largest city with around 14,350,000 people.
India's financial centre, a major port and industrial are and the home of the `Bollywood' film
industry and a centre for culture


Rapid growth people from the countryside seeking work, skilled…

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As each section is cleared they will be rehoused in temporary accommodation and all slum
housing will be replaced with seven story tenements
If any family can prove that they have lived in the slums since 1995 they will receive free
housing in the new blocks
The rest will be…

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COUNTER URBANISATION The movement of people from an urban area into the surrounding rural

A different process to Suburbanisation, but easy to confuse them if not careful, Suburbanisation is the
movement from the centre of urban areas to the outskirts

There are two main trends:

A movement of employment…

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Improvement in services ­ e.g. gas mains, cable TV, supports local schools
Supports some local facilities (e.g. pub, builders etc.) ­ although others may close
Primary schools might flourish (or close) ­ young population increase nursery provision
Housing fabric improved, new housing, bar conversions.
Light industry may develop, B&B, small…

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1. GENTRIFICATIONIn movement by individuals or groups of people into older housing that was in a
state of disrepair and then the improvement of the housing
2. PROPERTY LED REGENERATION SCHEMES in movement by people as part of a large scale investment
programme aimed at urban regeneration in a wider…

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However it is not all nice the Trellick tower was built in 1973 is infamous for rape and drug
There is an area of gentrification next to an area of deprivation
Nowadays there is extra security, and is a listed building so it is now becoming more trendy


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Economic decline
Population loss
Poor physical environment
Political problems

Decentralisation of retail and other services

Edge of a city or town near to main trunk roads
Built on Brownfield or Greenfield sites
These have increase due to the free parking and increased mobility
Shopping is now a leisure activity…




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