Components of Fitness

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  • Components of Fitness
    • Health-Related Exercise
      • Cardiovascular Fitness
        • "The ability to exercise the entire body for long periods of time without tiring."
        • Test: Cooper's Run, Treadmill Test or Harvard Step Test
      • Muscular Strength
        • "The amount of force a muscle can exert against a resistance."
        • Test: Hand Grip Test
      • Body Composition
        • "The percentage of body weight which is fat, muscle and bone."
      • Muscular Endurance
        • The ability to use voluntary muscles many times without getting tired."
      • Flexibility
        • "The range of movement possible at a joint."
        • Test: Sit and Reach Test
    • Skill-Related Fitness
      • Speed
        • "The amount of time it takes to perform a particular action or cover a particular distance."
        • Test: 30m Sprint
      • Power
        • "The ability to do strength performances quickly."
        • Power = strength x speed
        • Test: Standing Broad Jump or Sargent Jump Test
      • Reaction Time
        • "The time it takes to react to a given stimulus."
        • Test: Ruler Drop Test
      • Coordination
        • "The ability to use two or more body parts together."
        • Test: Three Ball Juggle or Alternate Wall Toss Test
      • Agility
        • "The ability to change the position of the body quickly and to control the movement of the whole body."
        • Test: Illinois Agility Run
      • Balance
        • "The ability to retain the body's centre of mass (gravity) above the base of support with reference to static (stationary), or dynamic (changing), conditions of movement, shape and orientation."
        • Test: Standing Stork Test


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