Fitness Components

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  • Fitness Components
    • Stamina
      • The ability of the heart and lungs to work for a long time without beoming tired
        • to last the duration of the match, to reduce fatigue and maintain the skill level
    • Suppleness
      • The range of movement possible at a joint
        • Reaching for an interception
        • splits
        • Javelin, shotput
    • Strength
      • The amount of force a muscle can exert against a resistance
        • Tackling opponents
        • Pushing in a rugby scrum
        • Throwing an opponent in judo
    • Speed
      • The time taken to move all body parts as quickly as possible
        • 100 metre sprint
        • sprinting down the wing in hockey/rugby
        • Run up in long jump
    • Power
      • Is the combination of the maximum amount of speed with the maximum amount of strength
        • tap a penalty
        • Pushing against the other pack of scrum
    • Skill
      • Factors that affect your levels of fitness
        • Gymnastics
        • Changing direction and speed
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