Rebranding Introduction

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Rebranding is developing a place to reposition its image and change people's idea of it,
helping to sell the place to a target audience. It is also the way/ways in which a place is
redeveloped and marketed so that it gains a new identity. It can then attract new investors
and visitors. It may involve both reimaging and regeneration. Rebranding tries to improve a
place and attract people and investment.
1. Reimaging is positively changing the standing and reputation of a place through
specific improvements.
2. Regenerating is positively transforming the economy of a place that has displayed
symptoms of declined and is a long term process involving social and economic
Rebranding is both reimaging and regenerating, as the two often act as catalysts for
each other.
Regeneration projects are whereby inward investment is brought into an area or
Reimaging is more than just the visual appearance of a place, it includes the
reputation, e.g. how people view the place both as internal users (residents) and
external customers (visitors). The area or region is effectively `sold' using new
packaging with new content, which acts as the catalysts for any regeneration
Flagship projects can be used. A highprofile development is designed to encourage
investment in an area and to be a model for further developments.
These process are associated with places in decline, as they can create a positive
multiplier effect. Ex.: the Tate Modern encouraged the growth of restaurants etc.
Aspects of rebranding:
Brand Artefact
o Create a new environment
o Reuse the existing environment
o Remove old environment
Brand Essence
o What it's like to work/live/visit there
o Reviews from different POVs
o Comparison to other places at a range of scales (local/national/...)
The main objectives of reimaging and rebranding are improvements to:
The physical environment, by focusing on sustainability
The quality of life of populations, by providing better living conditions and cultural
Social welfare

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