Key words and terms for Rebranding Places

Here are some cards with the key terms and what they mean for the rebranding places section in the AS edexcel geography paper.

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Rebranding, Regenertation and Reimaging

Rebranding-This is developing a place to change the image and people perception of it, to help "sell" the place to a target audience.

Regeneration-Positively transforming the economy

Reimaging-Positively changing the standing or reputation of a place through specific improvements

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Space and place

Space-This is the physical location of a place and the distribution of geographical places

Place-This is a space that has been given meaning by people. This may be due to personal memories, events, fame or tradition. E.g. Stratford-Upon-Avon and Shakespeare

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Post-Productionism and Farm diversification

Post-Productionism- This is changes in farming from an emphasis on maximum yield (maximum produce) to a more sustainable way of farming. This tends to be now be shown in diversification and changing to more organic production.

Farm diversification- This is when farmers set up non-agricultural business to increase farm income e.g. paint balling

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Legacy-The idea that after a major project or event there will be a positive footprint left behind for the local community, economy and environment. E.g. the 2012 London Olympics will bring new sports facilities, new homes, more jobs and new community facilities it is hoped in its legacy.

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Valorisation- (or adding value) It is the sustainable exploitation of a underused local resource so that it generates wealth and employment in the area. E.g. A farmer decided to rather than sell his produce buy a plant and machinery to allow it to be made into a secondary product (e.g. cherries to cherry brandy) so this will earn more money so adds value. If the farmer then opens a shop to sell them in then it will add more value.

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Quantitative and Qualitative Data

Quantitative Data- This is data that can be expressed numerically or counted. It can be represented in graphs and charts. E.g. Number of crimes

Qualitative Data- This is information that is not numerical in nature. E.g. Pictures

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Flagship Developments

Flagship Developments-These are large scale, high profile and high investment projects hat are used to encourage the economic revival of a city center. They are there to improve the image and reputation of an area and also to attract people, other activities and businesses.

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Top-down, Bottom-up and Partnership approach

Top-down approachRebranding decisions are made by authorities or agencies and imposed on particular people and places.

Bottom-up approach -This is based on listening to local opinion and coming up with local solutions.

Partnership approach This combines both the top-down and bottom-up approaches. They are made up from representatives from both authorities and local people to draw up a plan.

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