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I have added in case-study names that i used in class and did fieldwork on, but you can adapt it to your own fielwork and research you have carried out. Hope this is helpful and leave any comments if you want to :)

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Rebranding places
Rebranding: is improving a place's image and people's perception of that
Re-imaging: is how cities construct and promote positive images of
themselves. Promoting the right image can be crucial to the success of a
regeneration scheme.
Rebranding and re-imaging are processes that make areas that were in
decline, attractive to a range of potential customers. There are various
strategies that help place reinvent themselves; often there is a focus on
four distinct areas:
1. Social: improve job opportunities and attract inward investment
2. environmental: to improve the general environment-remove derelict
3. political: using the bid industry (lottery funding) to generate income.
Marketing can help a place promote its unique selling point.
Why is rebranding necessary?
Reasons why somewhere might need to be rebranded could include:
the economy: the loss of dynamism in the economy and a lowering of
the tax base ­ often linked to the loss of mainstay industries such as
coal mining or steel production.
The environment: where 1960's-style panning has resulted in areas built
for the car and concrete buildings that are now described as dirty or
Image: vital for economy development, especially tourism and inward
How and why areas have declined
Town and cities Countryside Coastal areas
Loss of retailing provision Lack of transport Ease and affordability of
to out-of-town locations infrastructure; public overseas trave makes
Loss of business and transport infrequent and UK coastal areas appear
commercial functions to car ownership expensive less attractive and
more peripheral locations Agricultural change ­ plagued by bad weather
such as science parks, mechanisation, Decline in the hotel and
and loss of industries in competition from guesthouse trade ­
some towns and cities overseas, high-profile rundown appearance
Inaccessibility for the diseases (e.g. foot and and decline in resort
private motorist mouth) economy
(congestion charging , Moving away from Difficulty of attracting
parking ) and the government-supported private investment
expense of getting to the agriculture; increased Continued inaccessibility
city centre requirement to diversify of some coastal towns
Increasing costs ­ might to survive while transport
have to employ a town Depopulation in some infrastructure has been
centre manager to areas - loss of residents improved in many other
due to limited parts of the country

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Possible decline in
area opportunities and traditional fishing
expensive housing industry.
(especially for first-time
The main objectives of re-imaging and rebranding are improvements to:
The physical environment, by focusing on sustainability
The quality of life of populations, by providing better living conditions
and cultural activities
Social welfare
The economic prospects of populations, through job creation,
education or re-skilling programmes.…read more

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How successful has rebranding been in the countryside? Which
ones have been successful or which ones haven't?
Eden project
Extreme sports academy at Watergate bay
Jamie Oliver's fifteen restaurant
CUC-combined universities in Cornwall-stopping the brain drain
Using arts and culture-Du Maurier festival in may
South west film studios
Occombe farm (fieldwork and research)
Urban rebranding strategies and managing urban rebranding:
E.g.…read more

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Society: the opportunity should be available to everyone to participate
fully in all the activities, benefits and decision making of a society.…read more


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