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Rebranding places

Rebranding: is improving a place's image and people's perception of that

Re-imaging: is how cities construct and promote positive images of
themselves. Promoting the right image can be crucial to the success of a
regeneration scheme.

Rebranding and re-imaging are processes that make areas that were in…

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promote and market the employment Possible decline in
area opportunities and traditional fishing
expensive housing industry.
(especially for first-time

The main objectives of re-imaging and rebranding are improvements to:
The physical environment, by focusing on sustainability
The quality of life of populations, by providing better living conditions
and cultural…

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music events

case-studies How successful has rebranding been in the countryside? Which
ones have been successful or which ones haven't?

Eden project
Extreme sports academy at Watergate bay
Jamie Oliver's fifteen restaurant
CUC-combined universities in Cornwall-stopping the brain drain
Using arts and culture-Du Maurier festival in may
South west film…

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Society: the opportunity should be available to everyone to participate
fully in all the activities, benefits and decision making of a society.

Urban Rural
Employment opportunities close Economically viable, providing a
to communities, reducing range of employment
transport footprint opportunities (social equity)
Preservation of heritage and Limited use of artificial…


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