Blender features and advantages

a small mind map containing the disadvantages and advantages of the blender editing software.

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  • Blender
    • Frames
      • Frames are the part that actually makes up the animation, as the animation plays each frame is shown in rapid succession thus giving the illusion of a moving image
    • Layers
      • Layers are used to show and hide different objects in an animation without having to constantly add and remove them from the animation
    • Posing
      • Blender offers the ability to add what are basically joints to your models, making it easier to pose them in the 3D perspective.
        • Theadvantage this brings is that you can much more easily change small things about your model, instead of changing an arm completely you can just rotate the joint slightly between frames.
    • Mirror sculpting
      • Mirror sculpting allows for you to place a mirror line into your model, whenever you change something on one side of the model the same thing will happen on the other side.
        • The advantages of this are that you won't have to worry about the other side of the model looking different if you don't want them to.
        • The disadvantages are that if you want the model to have different features on each side and leave this tool on you could accidentally change the wrong side.
    • Exporting
      • Exporting allows you to save your animation as a video file and use video players to view it instead of having to use Blender.
        • The advantage this brings is that you can save space on usb drives or cloud storage by exporting to a compressed file type and take the animation anywhere you want.
        • .FLV
        • .AVI
        • .SWF
    • Scripting
      • Blender allows for Python scripting which gives programmers the ability to create custom tools for creating their models and products.
        • The advantages of this are that these custom tools could make creating animations and such a much simpler experience.


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