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  • Blender
    • Blender is a professional free and open source 3D computer graphics software.
    • Frames
      • Blender uses split-slitting to arrange window frames. The 3D actors can be moved frame to frame to produce an animation.
    • Layers
      • Blender allows you to work on 20 different layers which allows you to have certain elements on certain layers and also edit different parts and delete layers that you don't want without it affecting the animation.
    • Controls
      • There are several different control features in Blender that allow you to test an animation to see how it functions.
      • One feature is Crop, this feature allows you to crop an image to remove the parts that you don't need and allows you to cut out small parts of the image that you want.
      • Play/Pause button allows you to  start and stop the animation allowing you to check how it is working. The fast forward button allows you to quickly find part of the animation that you are looking for.
    • Tweening
      • Tweening within blender is quite basic and only has basic motion tweening when two keyframes are inserted
    • Buttons
      • View
      • Add
      • Object
      • Select
      • Marker
      • Channel
      • Key
      • Editor Type
      • Toggle Buttons and Radio Buttons
    • Libaries
      • Blender is able to read and open any file in a .blend format, it has it's own feature which allows you to 'reach in' to other .blend files and take what you require.
      • When creating animation blender creates sup folders automatically so all of the textures, meshes and materials are easy to find and allow the user to use these again in other animations.
    • Symbols
      • Blender allows special text and symbols to be put in the animation, It has some of it's own symbol packages and allows different symbols to be downloaded.
    • Preloaders
      • Preloads the content so you don't have a long waiting time for the application to load up, When blender is started up there is a cube which is in the center of the grid that you can edit or delete.
    • Scripts
      • Blender has a built in python interpreter to use python code which allows the use of python code to add additional features to the program when animating and creating objects.


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