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  • Blender- Free Open Source 3D Animation suite
    • UV Unwrapping
      • UV Unwrapping is used to Unwrap mesh inisde blender quicky
    • Object and Camera Tracking
      • Tracking allows you to imprt raw footage and other objects which which is in Blender reducing the need to change software
    • Full Compositor
      • Compositing is combining sperate visual elemets into one seprate image.
    • Sculpting
      • Sculpting is a built feature in blender used to scuplt organic things using different scultping methods.
    • Libary of Extensions
      • Libary of extensions is were developers of the software have added extensions they needed, which are now avaialbe to other people to use on or off
    • Realtime Viewport Preview
      • This is were blender takes the file being worked on and runs a test/ preview of the work in a seprate window incase to see what it is like


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