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2. Why is the woman dressed in the same style as the period movie stars?

  • In order to make the product appeal to men
  • So the audience buy the product to be like the women in the advert
  • So the company could appear on trend
  • Because that was the only models they had

3. Who created the Reception Theory?

  • George Gerbner
  • Stuart Hall
  • Claude Levi-Strauss
  • Roland Barthes

4. Why was the target audience aimed at lower-middle class women in the 1950s?

  • To appeal to their need for social acceptance by having clean clothes
  • To appeal to their supposed need for innovative domestic technologies
  • To appeal to their supposed need of a secure family dynamic
  • To appeal to their need for a cheaper price

5. Which of these is NOT a reading position of Stuart Hall's Reception Theory?

  • Oppositional Position
  • Submissive Position
  • Negotiated/ Questioning Position
  • Dominant/ Preferred Position


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