The Olympics: Rebranding the East End

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1. How did the Games cut down on air pollution and congestion?

  • People had to use public transport
  • The arenas had no parking and Park and Ride had to be used
  • Travelling to the events by car was prohibited
  • People had to walk to the events
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2. Why are the jobs created in the Olympic Park a social benefit?

  • People can work in a nice place
  • Communities are preserved because fewer people would have to move away because they had no job.
  • People can spend more time with their families because they won't have to commute as far
  • Air pollution would be reduced because people won't have to commute

3. Who was responsible for the organisation and management of events, athletes, drugs ect?

  • Olympic Delivery Authority
  • London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games
  • London Development Agency
  • The London Assembly

4. Who was the mayor of London in 2012?

  • Ken Livingstone
  • Boris Johnson
  • Gordon Brown
  • Vladimir Putin

5. Which disease could have been a side-effect of dust pollution from construction?

  • Throat cancer
  • Asthma
  • Ebola
  • Migraines


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