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2. How many tourists did London recieve during the Games?

  • 0.25 million
  • 0.5 million
  • 1 million
  • 2 million

3. Why are underground cables beneficial to residents' health?

  • Plants will be more encouraged to grow
  • People feel healthier when their environment is not visually polluted
  • There are no electric or magnetic fields above ground
  • There is a lowered risk of electrocution

4. How could the heavy policing due to the threat of terrorism have had a negative social impact?

  • The police cars increased congestion.
  • It meant the police officers couldn't watch the Games
  • It could have increased the distrust of Muslim communities and visitors
  • The police themselves could have become a target for terrorism

5. How many leisure sites for local people were demolished?

  • 140
  • 450
  • 230
  • 155


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