london olympic park

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  • london olymipic park: rebranding
    • background info
      • location: newham, east london, the lower lea valley
      • london won olympic bid in 2005 for the 2012 games
      • £8.77 billion spent on games
      • players/stakeholders:
        • The International Olympic Committee
        • national and local government
        • london legacy development corporation
    • before the redevelopment
      • WW2 blitz damaged - 'wasteland', old bombs still found
      • industrial revolution area was flourishing due to the docks
        • global shift changed this - containerisation meant docks were too small
          • lead to economic decline, poverty and deprivation
      • lower lea valley one of most deprived areas in the country - lowest house prices in the city at tower hamlets
    • changes made for the olympics
      • new stratford station made for transport links
      • building of olympic stadium, velodrome, aquatics, residential village
      • cancellation of proposed stratford city shopping and leisure centre
      • new bridges across rivers
      • 450 housing association flats demolished
      • relocation of businesses
      • felling of 500 trees
      • buildings of around 50 stations in london's east end
    • changes made after the olympics
      • buildings of 2181 homes, half of which are affordable
      • 5 new neighbourhoods, 50% of which are affordable
      • primary, secondary and nursery schools built
      • rise in house prices of the area
      • media centre used for commentators during games is now europe's largest data storage space
      • use of sports facilities for public and events
    • where the olympics worth the issues caused?
      • yes
        • publicity and tourism received lead to more money in the area in the long run
        • BBC poll in 2013 found 74% saying they'd like the games in Britain again
        • improved/promoted healthy living
          • 24% rise in 16-24 year olds exercising   more frequently
        • britain made £1 bn profit
        • new schools help alleviate pressure off older ones
        • promotes social cohesion in one of the most ethnically diverse areas in the country
        • 12,000 jobs made in area
        • urban wasteland cleared - no toxicity
      • no
        • much needed social housing was 29% rather than 30% promised
        • britain's largest church demolished
        • noise pollution from construction and whilst games took place
        • 87 garden allotments for locals lost
        • house prices increased
        • road closures under construction
        • ecological importance - habitats lost
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