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How successful has the regeneration of urban areas been, given the variety of ways in which it has been
undertaken? 40 marks

Urban regeneration is improving an area that has been experiencing a period of decline. There are many
different approaches to urban regeneration; property ­led regeneration (partnership scheme), retail-led…

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house workers during the industrial revolution, due to the mass increase in population, in the 1950s there
were 7 people per square metre. This meant that the inhabitants of these tenements were living in
poverty. The solution to this by the government was to build `fashionable' high rise building to…

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achieved many of its objectives. The whole area was unrecognisable from ten years previously. Private
land was now open to the public. Work is progressing to complete a 13km walkway around the bay and
the barrage has created a world class environment. In addition, the development has enabled land in…

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regeneration that has caused retail ­ led regeneration, however it can be argued that certain
regenerations could not occur without other types of regeneration. Using mega sporting events to act as
a catalyst for urban and social regeneration represents a significant gamble. Some cities and regions have
used the initial…

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was the regeneration of nearby Mailbox and Cube, which is also retail regeneration, Brindley Place which
is a highly successful mixed ­land use development , Castle Vale, which is a HAT (housing action trust)
development and the Jewellery Quarter in which Gentrification has been completed. The extensive
regeneration of Birmingham's…

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limited pier space. Apartments have now also been constructed. The gentrification of Greater Manchester
has been a success as recently more development and gentrification has been spreading from the quays
areas to other areas of Manchester and no parts of the current gentrification sites have fallen back into
any type…


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