Section B-Commentary writing

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1. What would you do, if while writing the commentary you realise that there are some minor aspects of 'speech' missing in your new text (you have 10 minutes left)

  • mention that in your commentary writing
  • ignore and continue to complete section B
  • rewrite the speech
  • do changes in section A (Speech) and do changes in section B
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2. A commentary is primarily

  • mention how you could have best written your new text
  • commenting upon your own work based on the text produced
  • writing a new piece to show writing skills
  • focussing on the source texts and saying how they are incorporated

3. What you should not do in commentary writing

  • b. mention how awfully difficult it was to write the commentary
  • c. mention what is not included in the commentary
  • both b and c
  • a. mention what could have been made the writing better

4. The purpose of writing a commentary is

  • to show your writing skills
  • to impress the readers
  • to analyze your own work
  • to criticize your own work

5. Your commentary must talk about

  • all of the options
  • c. the inclusion of the source text and why
  • a. the structure of the new text produced
  • b. the language used in the new text


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