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Globalisation- McLuhan
Global village
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High Culture
Complex, elite, formal tradition
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Popular Culture
Profit, entertainment, mass
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Folk Culture
Generations, unique, authentic
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Low Culture
Used as an insult
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Cultural Imperialism- Fenton
"global" doesnt always mean "universal"
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High v Popular- Strinati
hc have become part of pc vise versa
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Popular- Elliot + Leavis
Mass culture= threatening hc + dampening the value of hc
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Popular- Neo-Marxist- Marcuse
Reduces people to uncritical passive consumers
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Popular- Pluralist- Gans
Immense cultural choices available
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Popular- PoMo- Lyotard
Cultural artefacts
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Popular- PoMo- Strinati
Select and critically respond
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Popular- PoMo- Livingstone
Soap Opera= always critical discussion
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Global- Giddens
Globalisation is a vital issue in our times= tech advances
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Global- Flew
Evolution of new media= play imp role in development of global culture
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Global- Kellner
Global images have become part of everyday life
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Global- Ritzer
Companies recognised across the world EG, China- 160mil watch Downton Abbey 2014
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Global infotainment
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Pluralism- Tomlinson
Hybridisation of culture
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PoMo- Baudrillard
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Complex, elite, formal tradition


High Culture

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Profit, entertainment, mass


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Generations, unique, authentic


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Used as an insult


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