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Culture and Globalisation
Mass Media and Mass Culture

Mass Culture: Contemporary culture as the product of capitalism, mass production and the mass media.
Term used in a negative way to describe cultural tastes of the working class. Characterised by low standards
& consumed by passive uncritical audience.

High Culture: Associated…

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Internet & related technologies has allowed people to produce their own culture in form of blogs, websites
and films ­ demonstrates desire of people to be active participants in creation of their culture.

The opposing theories see contemporary culture in different ways. Mass theorists see today's culture as

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Media corporations play major role in this dominance of global economic system. They are among richest &
most powerful of these organisations & are dominant force in distribution of information & advertising. 9
of top 10 media companies based in US.
- In Marxist terms, capitalist corporations control means…

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The Internet and Globalisation

Public Sphere: a real or virtual place where people come together as equal participants in democratic

Transnationalisation (esp. growth of internet) has led to idea of a new world where free exchange of info
and ideas will produce worldwide democracy.
-Giddens: argues fall of communist…


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