Crime and the media

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  • Crime and the media
    • Media content and crime
      • Research on content
        • Chris Greer and Robert Reiner
          • Increase in coverage of crime over recent decades
          • Tendency for tabloids to devote a higher proportion of their spaces to crime
      • Offenders in the media
        • Peelo
          • Only 40% of homicides were reported nationally
        • Tim Newburn
          • coverage can be misleading
      • The selection of content: pluralism
        • Yvonne Jewkes
          • Pluralists argue that with the advent of social media of the internet and social media, the media has become even more diverse
      • The selection of content: news values
        • Yvonne Jewkes
          • There are specific news values applying to crime stories
      • Crime and the construction of reality
        • Stan Cohen and Jock Young
          • That was a manufactured picture of society present in crime news
        • Robert Reiner
          • Three trends evident in crime coverage:
            • It accentuates the negative
            • Highlights victim culture
            • Law and order situations
    • The effects of the media on crime
      • Types of effect
        • Greer and Reiner
          • Identified the following criminogenic effects of the media:
            • Opportunity
            • Absence of controls
            • Means
            • Motive
      • Evidence about  the media as a direct cause of crime
        • Newburn
          • Greater numbers of violent people choose to watch more violent programmes and the content itself has no effect on their behavior
        • Greer and Reiner
          • A number of factors influence whether there are effects from witnessing violence or other types of crime
        • Yvonne Jewkes
          • Media are opej to multiple interpretations
    • Other effects of media coverage
      • Greer and Reiner
        • The media can play an important role in helping to create new types of offence
      • Schlesinger and Tumber
        • Those who were most likely to read tabloid newspapers were more likely to be afraid of being victims of crime
      • Jewkes
        • Fear of crime is difficult to measure
      • Moral panics
        • McRobbie and Thornton
          • the concept of 'moral panics' is outdated
        • Stanley Cohen
          • It remains a useful concept because it allows insights into power in society
      • Positive effects of the media on crime
        • Media coverage can help solve crimes and locate suspects
        • Can alert the public to the dangers of different types of crime
        • Media campaigns and public awareness can put pressure on governments to change laws and take action
        • Media can help define moral boundaries
        • Media can deter crime by highlighting criminal punishment


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