Key words and Beliefs

Hey guys i know this is not very useful but this is part 1.

I will make part 2 and 3 so they will have more cards which will hopefully be useful alongside these cards in part 1.

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Define Functionalism
A theroretical perspective whose ideas contrast with Marxism
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Define Marxism
A structural perspective that education benefits the capitalist society
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Define Feminism
The advocacy of women's rights on grounds of equality
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Define Symbolic interactionism
The belief that our behvaiour is not shaped by fixed instinctsand we respond to the world by giving meanings to the things that are significant to us
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Define New Right
A political movement who are concerned with issues such as church and state and they believe that the family is under threat
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Define Capitalism
An economic systm where means of production are owned privately are the owners are free to keep their profits
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What is Power?
The ability to reach ends even through resistance
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Murdock - what was his view on the family?
He belived that the family is a social group characterized by common residence. He researched 250 societies and belived that families an universal institution
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What did Gough say about the family?
She found out that the nuclear family is not the only family that exists - In Bangladesh the Nayar families exist and they were not like normal marriages as the husband and wife did NOT become an economic unit
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Gough Continuation
Men could sleep with endless girls but girls could only sleep with up to 12. If a child was born they would be given birth status rights and a man would have to volunteer to marry the girl that had the child and he would provide for the wife and baby
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Define Marxism


A structural perspective that education benefits the capitalist society

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Define Feminism


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Define Symbolic interactionism


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Define New Right


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