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  • Culture
    • Key words
      • Values - beliefs about what is important
      • Norms - acceptable behaviour in a situation
      • Deviancy - breaking norms/values
      • Hybrid - merging cultures to produce something entirely new
      • Cultural Homogenisation - when cultures all become the same, e.g Westernisation
      • Cultural Imperialism - when one cultures dominates another
    • Subculture
      • group of people within a culture that differentiate themselves in terms of norms and values
      • e.g. chavs, gypsies, goths, etc.
      • Youth subculture
        • coping mechanism
        • Functionalists - "way to deal with stressful transition to adulthood"
        • "attempt to resist dominant values" - Cohen 1972
        • Marxists - "resistance to capitalism"
    • Types of culture
      • Mass
        • mass produced for the masses (opposite of folk)
      • Folk
        • simple and traditional
        • dominant before urbanisation and the intro of pop and mass culture
      • Popular
        • culture of majority of society, what's popular in the media, music, fashion etc. Based on the latest trends
      • High
        • Sophisticated and refined
        • Usually need certain type of education to be able to partake
      • Low
        • ordinary and unsophisticated
        • takes aspects of high culture and makes it accessible to all
      • Global
        • aspects of culture that are spread worldwide


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