Key Idea 6.6-The Berlin Wall, Adenauer's decline and the Der Speigel Crisis

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In 1959, what position is up for re-election?
The FRG presidency,
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Who is the current President?
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What is the maximum length of a term for a president?
10 years
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What does Adenauer consider?
he considers standing as President,
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Why does this show poor judgement?
As the last person to be Chancellor and stand for President was Hitler,
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For the background of the Berlin Wall, why was East Germany poor and unpopular with Germans?
It was poor after declining Marshall Aid in 1947 and under strict rule and suffered from poor housing, food shortages and low wages,
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What percentage of their industrial output went to the USSR?
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Why was West Germany a more popular location for Germans?
As the West was rich and free as people in West Berlin could fly out of the city freely,,
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What was the rate between the Deutschmark and the East German Mark?
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By 1961, how many refugees had fled to the West?
3 million
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By August 1961, how many were flying a day over to the West?
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Why did the number of refugees increase other then the difference in freedom and wealth?
They feared the border would close as the Cold War tension grew,
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What was the USSR's views on the internal immigration?
it was an embarrassment to Russia as they claimed Communism was better for the people,
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For events, who was the USSR's representative at where in June 1961?
Khrushchev at the Vienna Summit,
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What did Krushchev demand?
That the Americans and other Westerners leave West Berlin,
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What was President Kennedy's response?
he refused and guaranteed West Berlin's freedom,
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After this in July, what did Kennedy do?
he increased America's spending on weapons,
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When did East Germany begin to create the border between West and East Berlin?
12th August 1961
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Describe the creation of the wall on this night.
Thousands of East German solderis guarded the border while workers began constructing barbed wire fences,
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When was the barbed wire later removed with concrete walls?
August 16th,
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When the Berlin wall was first started to be created, what was Adenauer's response?
He ignored it and failed to intervene,
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What did he finally do after the wall was created?
He postponed a visit to West Berlin for two days and when he did finally arrive, he was greeted with jeers,
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When was the Der Spiegel Crisis?
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What is Der Spiegel?
The weekly news magazine,
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Who was the newspaper critical of?
The Baravian CSU leader who was the West German Defence Minister,
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Why was the newspaper crtical of him?
They accused him to have mislead the Bundestag in replies to questions,
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What attempts were made to silence the newspaper?
Its editorial offices were raided and arresting journalists
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What was the publics response and why?
There was a public outcry about how Adenauer's Government appeared to be trying to censor the press in a manner of dictatorship,
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Why is this a clear failure?
Due to the over reaction of the Government and Adenauer's failure to intervene so it was a political and social failure,
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