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2. The morning after setting off, the group heard a nearby black church, chosen as a Freedom School, had been burned down. Schwerner, Chaney and ... went to investigate and were arrested.

  • Andrew Goodman
  • Arron Goodman
  • Andrew Goodsmith
  • Albert Reynolds

3. During the Freedom Summer of 1964, how many arrests were made?

  • 56
  • 1000
  • 3
  • 181

4. The ... released them in the middle of the night, knowing a mob was waiting

  • deputy sheriff
  • sheriff
  • mayor
  • police

5. What was a positive outcome of the Freedom Summer of 1964?

  • It gave people a more positive attitude about voting and removed previous fears.
  • It helped to focus attention on black voting rights.
  • It got the Voting Rights bill passed through congress in 1964.


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