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2. Schwerner, Chaney and Goodman had been shot in the head. Many of Chaney's bones were shattered, showing he had been beaten up before being shot. Why was this the case?

  • Chaney was black.
  • Chaney tried to escape.
  • Chaney told the mob what he thought of them,
  • Chaney threatened the mob.

3. During the Freedom Summer of 1964, how many arrests were made?

  • 56
  • 181
  • 1000
  • 3

4. The morning after setting off, the group heard a nearby black church, chosen as a Freedom School, had been burned down. Schwerner, Chaney and ... went to investigate and were arrested.

  • Andrew Goodman
  • Albert Reynolds
  • Arron Goodman
  • Andrew Goodsmith

5. During the Freedom Summer of 1964, how many black homes, businesses and churches were bombed?

  • More than 80
  • More than 60
  • More than 20
  • More than 100


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