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Why was Martin Luther King important to the Civil Rights Movement?
Montgomery 1955-6 ­ led to the Supreme Court declaring Mongtomery's
segregation on bus laws illegal, and other public transport too. MLK showed
that through non-violent direct action, black people could achieve civil
rights, and this was a progressive step.
Birmingham 1963 ­ MLK organised a march on Washington. The aim of the
march was to turn media attention on Birmingham to expose its policies to
national attention. Police and fire officers used violence: turning hoses and
dogs on the peaceful protesters. Many protesters were put in jail.
Kennedy put pressure on police and all protesters were freed in May 1963,
Birmingham was desegregated but it remained bitterly divided.
Washington 1963
The Civil Rights Act 1964 - banned segregation in public places
The Freedom Summer 1964 -
The Nobel Peace Prize 1964 -
Selma 1965
Assassination 1968 ­ many black people believed that white people had
killed him, their protests generally became more militant but this went
against the teachings of MLK and his non violent direct action approach.
Conclusion: Brought national and international attention to civil rights/idea of


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