USA: Peaceful Protests 1963-65

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  • Peaceful protests and their impact 1963-65
    • Events in Birmingham 1963
      • campaign led by MLK and the SCLC
        • it was still completely segregated
        • the local police chief ('Bull' Connor) had a reputation of violence
        • black Americans had regularly been attacked there
      • included peaceful marches, sit-ints, boycotts and public meetings
      • hundreds of arrests took place, including of young children
      • when jails were full, Connor ordered the use of water cannon and police dogs
        • this response was widely criticised and gained supportive news coverage for the civil rights campaign
    • The March on Washington 1963
      • civil rights leaders including MLK organised a march of protesters from across the US
      • more than 250,000 people took part
        • 40,000 of these were white Americans
      • the march was peaceful and broadcast live on TV around the world
    • Mississippi murders
      • on 21st Junge 1964, three activists were killed by a KKK Lynch mob near Meridian Mississippi
        • Michael Schweren, Andrew Goodman and James Chaney
      • CORE and SNCC members tried to find the bodies
        • they found the bodies as fell as a further eight victims of the KKK
        • showed the levels of hatred and violence KKK members used to stop civil rights


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