Freedom Summer 1964

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  • Freedom Summer 1964
    • Mississippi
      • On 21 June, 3 CORE members were arrested while driving to there home.
      • They were released that evening. On their way home they were murdered by the KKK.
      • CORE and SNCC members found there car, a burned-out wreck, on 23 June.
      • there bodies were not found until 4 August. They had been shot. It became another scandal.
      • They also found the bodies of eight black men; three were later identified as CORE workers.
    • Role of SNCC and others involved
      • they set up freedom summer
    • Success/ achievement
    • Dangers faced
      • SNCC volunteers knew they were putting themselves and black Mississippians in danger. 
      • Many white Mississippians called the project an invasion
      • they argued that the northern students did not understand the South.


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