Voting and Civil Rights Acts

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Voting Rights Act, 1965

  • Activists realised Civil Rights Act wouldn't be enough to get people to vote
  • March from Selma to Birmingham (capital) - very violent
  • Public opinion supported civil rights movement

Johnson pushed the Voter Registration Act

  • Ended 'literacy tests'
  • Federal agents would monitor registration

The act was very successful

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Civil Rights Act, 1964

Proposed by Kennedy - Rising levels of violence (Birmingham), was against racism, and also wanted support of Black activists/people). Prompted by Walk on Washington

Passed by Johnson - pushed against Southern opposition (better politician than Kennedy). Also, in light of Freedom Summer, and violence in Missippi.

What did the act do?

  • Banned segregation
  • Gave fed. government responsibility to take legal actions in states w/ discrimination
  • ensured companies doing business with the gov. had fair employment practices
  • Equal Employment Oppurtunities Commission - make sure law was being followed
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