1. What is the 'mere exposure effect'?

  • doing an activity once is not enough to say we like it
  • being exposed to something over and over breeds liking
  • we automatically enjoy something that we see others do
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2. What are the two routes in the elaboration likelihood model?

  • active route and passive route
  • thinking route and non thinking route
  • motivated route and non motivated route

3. What does the elaboration likelihood model try to do?

  • change other peoples attitudes
  • change other peoples behaviors

4. What does Bem's self-perception theory say?

  • we want our behavior to match our attitudes
  • people infer their own attitudes from their behavior
  • people are general self critical

5. How can cognitive dissonance be reduced?

  • by expressing to others that your behavior was not true to you
  • by changing the attitude to match the behavior
  • by changing your behavior for next time


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