Social Psychology - attitudes, behaviour and attitude change

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LaPiere 1934 Attitudes vs Actions

  • Attitudes do not actually predict behaviour
  • Visited 184 resturants and 66 hotels, caravan parks and tourist homes
  • Refused service once
  • In 72 resurants the service was rated as good


  • Buisness sense comes before prejudice
  • Perceptions of cleanliness, manner, wealth, selfconfidence


  • Reflected prejudiced social norms
  • Reflected answers to general questions

Predicting specific behaviours from general attitudes does not work or vice versa. We need to consider specific attitudes predicting specific behaviours

Davidson and Jacard (1979)

  • Two year longitudinal study investigating the relationship between actual use of birth control and general attitudes
  • Attitudes towards birth control - 08
  • Attitudes towards birth contol pills - 32
  • Attitudes towards using the pill - 53
  • Attitudes towards using birth control in the next two years - 57

Cognitive dissonance - unpleasent state of psychological tension when two or more cognitions (bits of information, thoughts, attitudes, beliefs ect) are inconsistant or do not fit together

We seek harmonany in our attitudes, beliefs and behaviours

Selective exposure hypothesis - people tend to avoid potentially dissonant information

Frey and Rosch 1984                                                                                       

  • participants given written profiles to form an attitude wether to terminate or continue as manager
  • attitude reversabible vs irreversible
  • consonant information vs dissonant information to choose from (five items of additional help)



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