Social Atti

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What are attitudes?

  • psychological tendancy expressed by evaluating particular entity with some degree of favour or disfavour 
  • organisation of beliefs, feelings and behavioural twendancies towards socially signifiant objects, groups or events

What are attitudes for?

  • Rapid and automatic evaluation of trwarding or harmful objects confers and survival advantage
  • Zajonc said attitudes are primitive basic responses to environment 
  • Roskos-Ewoldsen & Favio (1992) viewed attitudes as mental shortcuts whih focus attention on salient objects influence info interpretation, guide behaviour
  • Katz (1960) four functions - knowledge (provide info about environment), utilitatian/instrumental (maximise gains and minimise losses), value expressive (provide sociasl role by communicating social values) ego defensive (protect ones' self confidene by resisting damaging truths 


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