AQA A2 Psychology Unit 3 - Gender - Social Influence Peers & Parents

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1. How do peers reinforce gender stereotypes?

  • Reward each other for gender appropriate behaviour
  • First friends tend to be of the same gender
  • Friends tell you what is gender appropriate behaviour
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2. Who found that individuals were ridiculed by peers if they played with opposite gender things

  • Archer & Lloyd
  • James et al
  • Lyons
  • McCarthy

3. Who looked at parental labelling as a social influence to gender?

  • Rubin et al - Girls Beautiful, Boys Strong
  • Rubin - Girls Pretty, Boys Strong
  • Davies - Girls Nurturing, Boys Protective

4. Academics are more important to which gender?

  • Females
  • Males

5. What do Weber and Weber find about education when it comes to peer influence?

  • Girls do better in education, but boys are better in careers
  • Girls will always carry on in education, whereas boys will look for approval
  • Boys will always carry on with education, Whereas girls look for approval


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