AQA A2 Psychology Unit 3 - Gender - Social Influence Peers & Parents

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1. What do Weber and Weber find about education when it comes to peer influence?

  • Girls do better in education, but boys are better in careers
  • Girls will always carry on in education, whereas boys will look for approval
  • Boys will always carry on with education, Whereas girls look for approval
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2. Who looked at parental labelling as a social influence to gender?

  • Rubin et al - Girls Beautiful, Boys Strong
  • Rubin - Girls Pretty, Boys Strong
  • Davies - Girls Nurturing, Boys Protective

3. Who found that individuals were ridiculed by peers if they played with opposite gender things

  • Lyons
  • McCarthy
  • Archer & Lloyd
  • James et al

4. In Fagot et al's study Fathers discourage female behaviour in boys, but how do children understand what type of behaviour is their gender?

  • Will only imitate that behaviour if the peer is praised as is of their own gender
  • Will imitate that behaviour if it's being praised
  • Will Imitate that behaviour if it's shown by someone of their gender even if it's wrong

5. What did Pomperlau et al look at and how does it reinforce gender stereotyping?

  • Colour of bedrooms - Girls Pink, Boys Blue
  • Colour of clothes worn - Girls Pink, Boys Blue
  • Toys played with - Girls Kitchens, Boys Cars


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