Virgil 697-765 (English Translation)

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Virgil 697-765

But father Aeneas, having heard Turnus' name, he left both the walls and the highest towers and he swept aside all delay, he breaks off all work. Rejoicing in joy, he clangs with <his> weapons - a terrifing sound. <He was> as big a Athos or as big as Eryx or as big as Father Appeninus himself. When he roars with shimmering olm-oaks and rejoices lifting himself up to the breezes with his snowy head. Then truly both the Rutulians and the Trojans and all the Italians eagerly turned their eyes <towards the duel>, both those who were holding the high walls and those who beating on the bottom of the walls with a battering ram, and they put down their armour from their shoulders. Latinus himslef is amazing that huge men having been born in different parts of the world, have come together and are fighting it out with the sword. And they, as the fields opened up with a clear empty space, joined battle in a swift on rush, having thrown spears from a distance <fighting> with shields and with clanging bronze. The earth gave a groan; they doubled their frequent blows with <thier> swords, destiny and courage are combined into one. And just like when two bulls on great Sila or on the top of Taburno rush together with horns locked from battle[s] filled with hate. The cowheards terrified draw back. The whole heard stands silent in fear, and the heifers mutter/ask who will command the glade and which one the whole heard will follow; they <the bulls> trade woundes between themselves with much force. Straining they gore with their horns and bathe <each other's> necks and shoulders in much blood, the whole clearing echoes with groans. In just the way the Trojan Aeneas and the hero Son of Daunus ran together with shields, the huge crash filled the air. Juppiter himself holds aloft a a pair of scales with the fulcerum in the centre, and he put in the differing fates of the two, to see…


terry krigas


Very good translation as a  help  for the OCR  Latin  prose paper.

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