Shield of Aeneas - Virgil (lines 41-60)

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  • Shield of Aeneas - Virgil (lines 41-60)
    • "ruere"/ "spumare" = historic infinitives - translate as normal verbs
    • in lines 46-47 Virgil picks visual details (i.e blood in water)
    • 'r' sounds in lines 41-43 represent roaring of sea, alliteration of "remis rotrisque"
    • the sistrum was a rattle used in religious ceremonies in Egypt, associated with Isis - Roman troops would normally have been called together by a trumpet
    • very cinematic, action packed description with vivid verbs
    • foreshadowing of Cleopatra's death in line 49 - she supposedly killed herself after the battle using a poisonous snake
    • Egyptian gods like Anubis (dog shaped god) are contrasted with Roman gods like Neptune, Venus, Minerva and Mars.
    • Dirae = the Furies ; Discordia = goddess of conflict and battle; Bellona = minor goddess of war.
      • note how their visual appearance matches their role as goddesses (i.e. Discordia's torn cloak)
    • Apollo is called "Actian" here as he had a temple in Actium.
    • more Eastern tribes and races - patriotism verges on racism here.
    • alliteration of 'v' and repetition of "iam" draws attention to these lines and heightens dramatic effect


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